1. Polytech


Wireless Communications Group

Founded in 2007, the Group owns expertise in three complementary fields:

propagation channel modeling (Pr. Philippe

     De Doncker)

digital signal processing (Pr. François Horlin)

security and privacy for the Internet of Things

     (Pr. Jean-Michel Dricot)

Propagation channel modeling

The mission of the channel team is the theoretical and experimental characterization and modeling of propagation for emerging communications systems. Expertise range from propagation in indoor environments, urban, and in the near-body region, from HF to mm-wave frequencies.

Digital signal processing

The mission of the DSP team is to develop solutions for emerging digital communications, localization and passive radar systems taking into account hardware implementation and integration constraints. The team studies modulation, access techniques, channel equalization and synchronization.

Security and privacy for the IoT

The network team has a special focus on software-defined architectures and security protocols for wireless communications. More specifically, our research domain covers wireless networks, Internet of Things (IoT), and cyber-physical systems. The network team is a founding member of the ULB cybersecurity research center.


From smartphones to smart cities

May 25, 2021

The OPERA-Wireless Communications team reveals its recipe for MUFINS. This system, a cross between waves and AI, uses smartphone signals to detect the density of the crowd in order to predict its behaviour in Brussels during events or, more recently, during deconfinement.